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6th Annual Slow Food Festival Featured Chef

Meet Chef Louis Bynoe, who has provided the Slow Food Festival in Rio Vista with culinary masterpieces in two previous years and will continue this year.  Born in Saint Vincent Grenadines, Chef Louis grew up in London, Barbados (where he still has many family) and New York, coming to California for college.  Asked how he learned to cook, he explains that where he comes from, cooking is a family affair, where even the kids start out helping with food preparation under the direction of his grandma, who was a wonderful cook.  With such a great foundation, Chef Louis clearly brings great skill and a love of cooking and a lively creative touch to the dishes he creates.  Marinades, sauces, home grown herbs, and spices of the Caribbean are skillfully combined with the abundant locally produced meats, fruits and vegetables resulting in meals that bring us delightful new experiences.

This year’s Slow Food Festival menu (still a work in progress) will include Chef Louis’ Herb Brisket with Mac and Cheese Pie, Jerk Chicken, and Red Beans and Rice.  Chef Louis has operated the Breadfruit Tree Restaurant at the Paradise Point Marina in Stockton since 1991.  This year he has just launched a second location in Stockton at 5646 N. Pershing Avenue.  This second location is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, year-round.  Featuring dishes rooted in varied Caribbean cuisines, his restaurants bring customers a full island experience with live music, mixed drinks and a laid back atmosphere.  Much more can be discovered at www.breadfruittree.com.

A  ticket to this year’s June 25 Slow Food Festival includes wine and beer tasting, appetizers, a light lunch featuring Chef Louis’ creations, dessert, live music, art and food vendors in a riverfront setting.  Tickets are available soon online at www.slowfoodriovista.org.  For more information, visit the website or call 707-374-6118.
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