Slow Food Festival Promises Variety & Abundance

Come look, swirl, sip, and savor wine during the 3rd Annual Slow Food Festival. One of the most entertaining aspects of the Slow Food Festival is wine tasting. Each year the Slow Food Festival attempts to introduce festival goers to different wine selections. Domaine Carneros will showcase its highly acclaimed sparkling brut this year.  Carvalho, California Natural Wines, Dancing Coyote, Flora Springs, Lucas, Michael David, and Sutter Home wines will be featured too.

Slow Food Festival attendees could choose between several types of wine.

Enjoy wine from eight different wineries at this years festival.

Come to learn the language of wine. Whether you consider yourself to be a novice or connoisseur of wines, there is always something to learn about them. You will have an opportunity to do comparative tastings to learn how different regions contribute their own unique character to the same varietal and which versions you prefer. This will be a fun opportunity for you to experience these differences as you sip and sample down near the waterfront.

I’m often intrigued by the conversations that people strike up at the festival about the differences among the wines. Wine experts Sandra Young of Carvalho Winery and Sara Helmers of Lucas Winery will be on hand to help guide you through the art of what to look for (e.g. aromas, flavors, texture, weight, overall balance, persistence on the palate). Okay, maybe I’m giving away the farm here – “TMI.” As the afternoon progresses you are sure to be able to discern the differences in complexity of flavors and between levels or characteristics of tannins (smoother, courser, or drier ones). Or maybe not! Either way you will have good wine, good food, and a good time.

But wine is not all that will be featured. Thanks to our hometown chefs this year’s menu is extensive. You will enjoy the following: Jamaican curry goat; barbeque lamb ribs, lamb and chicken kabobs, Chicken Vesuvio, brisket, rice pilaf, rosemary cannellini beans, Gazpacho, barbeque corn, Yalanchi – vegetarian stuffed grape leaves, endive salad, kale salad, and more! Light desserts will be on the menu too. We have something for everyone this year to include gluten free strawberry shortcake!

When was the last time you had an opportunity to sip wine, eat locally grown food prepared by hometown chefs, and socialize with friends near our beautiful waterfront for only $25? To purchase tickets, go For more information call (707)-374-6118.)

See you there!

Slow Food Rio Vista

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