Slow Food Festival Coming June 21, 2014

By Susan Whitesell

What is Slow Food? The idea of Slow Food came about in 1986 Italy in retaliation to a McDonald’s franchise that was coming to Rome, adjacent to the Spanish Steps in Piazza di Spagna. Protestors with bowls of penne defiantly declared, “We don’t want fast food… we want slow food!” And so, the Slow Food movement was born, with an emphasis on preserving, sharing and celebrating local foods, food cultures, and culinary traditions. Slow Food is synonymous with the “Farm to Fork” and “Farm to Table” movements concerned with producing food locally and delivering that food to local consumers.

Today, Slow Food has over 150,000 members and is active in more than 150 countries. There are more than 170 chapters and 2,000 food communities in the United States… including one in Rio Vista.

Slow Food Rio Vista’s flagship activity is the Slow Food Festival, which celebrates the rich diversity of food and wine from this area.  This year, Rio Vista Slow Food is also advocating for gardens in our local schools.

Slow Food Rio Vista is currently planning our 2014 festival scheduled for June 21st. To quote the River News Herald regarding last year’s event, “While the food tasting opportunities were the premier draw to the event, there was no shortage of wine, music, presentations and art to round out the festival’s dynamic ensemble of participants and the pleasant byproduct was the sense of community that was facilitated by the artistic mediums of the day.”

This year’s festival is featuring “home grown” cooks. If you are a great cook whose culinary creations feature regional meat or produce, why not volunteer? If you are a wine aficionado we need you too! We also need energetic folks to help with event preparation, marketing and publicity, art, and entertainment. Contact Susan Whitesell at 374-6618.

This article first appeared in The River News Herald.

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